I Am So Blogging!!


Why do I want to blog? Why do I have the need to blog? Oh, don’t worry. I’m asking myself these questions! And it’s funny because in my search for more—more relevance and a deeper desire to change the world —I stumbled on blogging. And here I am.

Well, I guess it’s because I’ve never been the type to see things as black and white. I actually see grey . . . and blue . . . and yellow. And most definitely pink.

The truth is life can be beautiful. I think it depends on how we see it and whose eyes we are looking through. So, if you please, I will take a look at life through eyes that see far beyond the ones in my sockets and begin to see the blue, yellow—and pink!

Femi and I

But how could I have even started blogging if not for the miracle in my life, my husband Femi? All I did was mention the desire to blog, and he showed me the ropes. I’m the most blessed girl in the world to have a man like him. He supports me in everything. I love you baby- forever!!

He’s also the first person who told me about blogging. He’s one of the beauties of life I have found. Nothing beats loving somebody and having that person love you back.

He’s happy when I’m happy he’s down when I’m down. (Actually he freaks out when I’m down—and desperately tries to cheer me up. It always works!) And he sees the beauties of life with me. Our house is always filled with laughter. Well, the Bible says, “A merry heart does good, like medicine.” (Prov. 17:22, NKJV) So—we laugh.

I have things to share of all the beauties I see—and the not so beautiful. But my hope is that as I aim to look, I’ll see more and make life beautiful.


  • femi
    August 11, 2008 - 5:04 pm · Reply

    I guess this blogging thing has to be in you … I write articles and stuff, but it’s not quite the same as blogging (as I have found out from recent experience). You were born to blog Mrs Oi … thankfully, there’s wordpress for that … This is exciting!

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