My Grey Days……


I remember feeling so helpless. So lost as to what I should do.
There I was wanting to try to be adventurous with food but my family only wanted African food.
You see, I love trying new foods.
I love new tastes and enjoying something I haven’t tried before.
The adventure of enjoying food.
But what I consider adventurous is repulsive to the one I love. In a way, it feels like losing myself.
I remember my big sister cooking up some nice spicy Chinese noodles loaded with loads of vegetables and flavor. Mmmmmm… I smile just remembering that. But my effort to try something new is met with the idea that I don’t care.
I remember buying some meat that sounded so nice in M&M just to come home to make it and no one touched it! I mean no one!!

I remember those insecure feelings of just not being good enough.
My chest ached for such a long time.

I remember being so lost. But thank God for google 🙂 and blogs… and people in the world that just make their learning and their journeys available for the likes of me to follow and be inspired.

I’ve had a lot of dark days, dark lonely days.

It feels good to know that I’m not alone.

It’s also great to remember that I am an individual who needs to love others while loving myself.

You see, those dark days are a good reminder of where I’m coming from and what I can do in the future.
It has led me to discover so many things I never knew about people and food.

You see, my food journey has also led me to meet the needs of the ones I truly love. To know what their cravings are and to satisfy them.

This journey has also led me to discover the health benefits of some foods and the harm that many other foods can cause.

Things I never knew, I am now learning and knowing!

My hope is someone out there will be saved from rough years and learn from me.

I have had better days. Oh yes, I have.

I hope they get Brighter!

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