My Food Journey….new phase.


It’s now been 11 years since I’ve been on this food journey.
Wow! How time flies. A lot has been learned.
I now have 2 kids that need to be feed.
I have learned how to spice things up in the kitchen and invented some new things along the way. The internet has aided my quest for a better understanding of food.
So where do I stand now?

First, I feel so much more confident in the kitchen. I have done a lot of trials and errors and have discovered what works for my situation.
I have learned more about myself and my cooking abilities.

Secondly, it has gotten easier. It used to feel like a painful endeavor in the kitchen, only to be done and the food is not considered at par. Now I can cook up the same recipe quicker (because I’ve done it so much) and it comes out so yummy.
This is because I’ve had years of trial and error. I learned about different ingredients, spices, and food variations. An example is, I’ve learned to use Fresco peppers for my soups instead of bell pepper. Why? Because the bell pepper has a sweet taste I don’t want in my stew and the fresco pepper does not.

Thirdly, I have learned to pray. Trust me, this is the foundation of all the other points above.
I came before God and asked for help. I had no idea what to do.
The Lord did hear me! He has led me to so many websites that have acted as a guide on what I could do. Also, that thought in my head was actually the Holy Spirit. I would try it and I would nail it!

Lastly, I’m learning to just love myself. I mean, why wait for the approval of someone else when I can just appreciate the beautiful thing I can see and taste.
One of the best pieces of feedback I have received is when my daughter tells me “Mom, you are the best cook in the world!” Yes! Me!!

Like I always say, keep learning, keep growing. Never give up.

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