Families Facing a Natural Disaster


The last couple of days have been overwhelming hearing about the wildfires in British Columbia, Canada. 

Then there was the Australia Bushfires in 2020. There have also been some wildfires not making it into the news at large.

My heart goes out to everyone going through this or who has gone through this.

I understand how this must feel because 5 years ago my family and I fled the Fort McMurray wildfire. I understand the fears and the confusion that must be going on.

My heart goes out to families with children. It’s overwhelming trying to explain to a child what is going on. It’s especially hard trying to stay strong for your child.

But please know this… there is still hope.

If there is one thing anyone going through this needs to know, it’s this… there is still hope.

That’s why I wrote the children’s book titled My Big Welcome.

My hope is that the book will inspires every child to know that things can get better even after a disaster.
I also hope other children can learn how to help a friend who has gone through a tough time.

Please hang in there. I hope you all come out of this safe and strong ❤️.

Do you know anyone who might be affected by a wildfire?
Please send them some love ❤️.