My Snowy Summer is now Live!


My Snowy Summer is now live! Woohoo!

What a journey this has been! I can’t believe I have now published 4 books.

It has been an incredible experience and I have nothing but gratitude.

My Snowy Summer is the 2nd book in the Emilia’s Adventures series.
The story continues with Emilia who is having such a wonderful summer in the city. She has been to a lot of places and has many plans for the rest of the summer.

But all those plans come to a halt when it strangely starts to snow!

Emilia’s dreams for an amazing summer seem to be destroyed. Or can she find a way to still have fun?

This story is a wonderful way to show children that they can navigate disappointing situations. This story encourages kids to think outside the box when things don’t go as planned because as we know, that  is how life really is

Fun fact: My Snowy Summer was inspired by the snowfall in the late summer of 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta. I’ll be sharing more about that soon 😊 

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