My Sunshine Friends!!!


I want to introduce my Sunshine Friends. I use the word “sunshine” because they bring the sun up when it’s dark. They show up for me when I am down, and they make me laugh my heart out. You know those kinds of friends. Even when they are busy, and you are busy, and you have not called for a while, they suddenly remember you and come looking for you with the sun—not a storm to accuse you of not being there. Those are the friends I am talking about. I’d like to introduce MOJ and Daniel.

I recently went through a tough time. And when I was trying not to sink into misery, they called me up. Actually, they called to report that they were going to see a movie—without me!! However, when they found out that I was trying to be strong, they stood there with me. In the midst of their very busy schedule, they came to look for me to make sure I was fine. They made me laugh, and we watched a really long but nice Indian movie. Hahaha.

MOJ and Daniel are who I call my Sunshine Friends. Well, they ended up going to see that movie without me, but they had my full consent—with a promise that we’d do it together sometime.

I’m fine again because God blessed me with His healing words and with those I call my Sunshine Friends.

I’m okay now. It’s been over three weeks, but I had to take time out of my busy schedule at work just to introduce my Sunshine Friends!

Hahaha! I’m really feeling this rhyme.


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