How Pleasant!


Mmm . . .

It’s indeed pleasant when the fragrance in the room is filled with love, peace, and most of all, UNITY.

My job used to be a misery—when all of us never seemed to agree; when everyone was out to put the other down; and when one’s own self was most important. Everyone was quick at dishing out blame on the other whenever the department was accused of something, not realizing that if one person in the department was to blame, everyone else was also to blame.

Then suddenly it turned around: Love started to build. Concern started to form. And trust surfaced.

Now it’s a pleasure to be at work. We laugh and laugh and laugh. We even share—both food and thoughts. We are a family.

I wonder what happened to that foul smell in the air that has now been replaced with the most beautiful fragrance of love. Then I realized . . . we prayed. Well, I prayed, and I know a few others also prayed about the stench in our midst. And, like a miracle, it’s all gone.

We stand by each other in times of weakness. We hope—really hope—that all goes well with one another. Then I came across what a very wise man once wrote. He said, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” ( Psalm 133:1, NIV)

I got it! It was unity that smelt so good. A stick on its own can be broken, but when all the sticks are bound in unity as one, nothing can break them.

We still have to deal with showing management that we really are working. But now we actually work together, and it’s easier.

The air still smells so sweet, and the sound of laughter still rings, but that’s because of one thing: We still walk together in unity.

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