The Pursuit


The race called life, in which every one of us is in.

Unbeknown to many, everyone is pursuing something.

For some, it’s the pursuit of relevance; for others, the pursuit of power. Some are in pursuit of happiness, yet others are in pursuit of having their lives back. But for most of us, we pursue everything. Whichever one it is, we are pursuing something. Yet this pursuit leaves us drained—sometimes hopeless. And when we obtain that which we chase after, we simply find more things to pursue.

Then, I wondered, is it possible to find that which I desperately desire and not lose my mind.

My quest led me to yet another pursuit: The pursuit of life.

Chasing life makes no sense when you don’t know what to chase, where to start the chase, and when to stop chasing. Yet I found a way to pursue life when I focused on pursuing God.

Ignoring the wind because we can’t see it does not stop it from blowing. I found out that it’s only when I chase after God that I really find relevance, power, happiness, and everything else I crave. It’s possible because He is life. He’s the purpose of life, and He is the giver of life.

I am on a journey of how to pursue Him each day. But without a doubt, I know that this is “The Pursuit of My Life.”


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