Shea Butter?!


Shea Butter?! That awful smelling thick buttery thing that we have in abundance back in Nigeria? That Shea butter?!
I could never imagine that the thing I once took for granted and disregarded, even when there were claims that it worked wonders, would be the thing I would be an advocate of.
You see, in my journey to get healthy-beautiful hair, I was reminded that shea butter was good for the hair.
I watched many videos of ladies using it on their hair. So I used it too. But it was no big deal. I have heard it is good for the hair. But for the skin? There was no way I was putting it on my skin.
But last night, I tried it on my face. I just wanted something natural for the night, and that’s what I had. Well! It works. It’s morning as I am writing this article, so you can only imagine. My skin looked so smooth and elastic this morning. I am shocked. I don’t know what I was expecting, but, I am impressed.
It is so sad how we take for granted the very thing in our backyard that can save us money.