I'm Onaolapo Dagunduro

I love to write stories based on the everyday moments I encounter. I believe in God, and I have a relationship with Him. He gives me the best things in life.

I hope I have the opportunity to help you see that there’s so much more to life than what is in front of you.

"Love your neighbor the same as you love yourself."
Matt 22:39 (ERV)


I am a writer and poet. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and spent most of my childhood imagining a new story which I sometimes shared with my younger sister. I moved to Canada in 2010 and now lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

As a lifelong storyteller, I specialize in whipping up stories of adventure, filled with laughter and sound morals for young children. I love to learn so much that I studied and became a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant). When I’m not writing or crunching numbers, I enjoy making up new songs or playing silly games with my husband and two daughters.

Not so thankful for Thanksgiving 

My Big Welcome

Email me at connect@onaolapo.ca

The Bible, life experiences and play!