My Snowy Summer

Emilia is having the most amazing summer holiday ever in the city.

There are so many places to visit, and she has a lot of fun activities planned outdoors. But then it starts to snow!

Distraught by the turn of events, her dad and her best friend share ideas on how Emilia can have fun despite the crazy weather. But, Emilia has her eyes set on only her outdoor summer plans.

Has summer been ruined, or can Emilia still find a way to have fun?

My Snowy Summer is another beautiful addition to the Emilia’s Adventures series.

This delightful story will enchant readers young and old. Because when life gives you a snowy summer, you can do something about it!

My Snowy Summer is the perfect book to help your child learn about dealing with life’s many surprises.

This beautiful, vibrantly illustrated story will inspire resilience in children as they face the universal reality of new experiences.

Kids will learn that no matter what life brings you, you can still make it work— even in a snowy summer!